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Welcome to Renewables Matter

The Renewables Matter Promise

We are here to help you to design your dream, and then build your visions

Welcome to Renewables Matter.

Here you will find details and explanations of most of the Renewable Heat and Solar Powered components and solutions,  used within todays building design.

These are used to comply with the ever more stringent elements of building control requirements,  which are designed to help the UK to meet its long term commitments, in keeping the planet safe and operational.

Here you will be able to find the help and assistance that you require, and to give form and body to the visions that you may have. We will help to provide solutions to your dreams, and work tirelessly to achieve these visions.

Renewables, Because sustainability shouldn’t require Compromise.​

Solar PV (What is it ?)

Solar PhotoVoltaics, is the science of generating Electricity from daylight, releasing us from the need to buy power from expensive providers, saving money, and helping to save the environment, by producing power in a way that does no harm to our planet.

Using PV cells within a panel to collect the UV within the daylight and turn it ito useable energy. This works using daylight only, and does not require ‘Sunshine” as we know it.


Harnessing The Sun’s Energy To Power Our Future

Solar Heating

Hot Air or Hot Water, can be generated by harnessing the Energy of the Sun, and using it to provide usable heat.

Broad Vision, Honest Service, Great Value

Solar FIT Equity Release

You may now able to trade-in the remaining value of your Feed-In-Tariff, for a one-off Tax free payment.

Why may this be interesting to you  ??


Renewables do Matter !!

Batteries and Grid Trading

Battery technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and the industry has reached the position, where Batteries are no longer a cost neutral option, where the benefit is derived entirely from the ability to be largely cut out the unfettered control of Power companies.

There are now 2 options for receiving payment for the power the you generate, but which is exported to the Grid.


Sustainability shouldn't require compromise

Servicing, Repairs And Upgrades

Having problems with your solar panels ?

Have a heating issue ?

Are you experiencing Bird or Rodent issues around your Solar Panels

We can help with any of these, and more.

The Sun’s Energy will Power Our Future

Underfloor Heating

Our Partners have vast experience in Installing Underfloor heating systems, and have worked with Developers and Builders .

They use equipment from several different manufacturers, and will assist you in designing a heating infrastructure best suited to your most important needs. The system can be under, in, or on top of almost any flooring that you currently have, or are designing.

If you would like to be introduced to local  companies who are best suited to your needs, then we will happily introduce you.


Innovation, Straightforwardness and reliability

Training & Consultancy

For many years, we have provided training, education and consultancy services to Architects, Building Surveyors, and Renewable Technology specifiers.

We have worked with property developers, and lately worked with Land Owners who have contracted with Developers, to ensure that they maximise the value of their asset, by minimising the required deductions to contract value, and ensuring that the deductions were properly quantified, saving many tens of thousands of pounds in  potential losses, due to the developer overcharging.


Precision, Quality Standards and Inventiveness

Our Recent Projects

Apart from our Domestic, Farm and Commercial Solar PV Installation work, we have worked on sites, assisting in, Heatpump, Solar Thermal and Solar Assisted Heat-pump systems to provide water heating, and Battery Systems to further enable the system owners to free themselves from the Power Companies. We are happy to give you the benefit of our experience, and put you in touch with the best local companies to take your project through to completion.