Air Source Heat-Pumps

Harnessing the Sun’s energy to power our future


There are a wide variety of heat-pumps available, with different forms of heat extraction, and different forms of heat delivery.

Air Source Heat-pumps, use the same heat extraction as air conditioning units.

A Refrigerant gas is pumped through a coil of pipework which has ambient temperature air blown across it, which causes a change in state within the refrigerant, creating a gas from the Liquid.

The state change creates heat, which is then dumped into a Heat Battery tank, where it can be transferred into various heat delivery methods.

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Renewables …. Because Sustainability Doesn’t Require Compromise.

Questions About Air Source Heat-Pumps

Yes, A Heatpump of almost any type, can operate as a direct replacement for a Gas, Oil, Electric boiler

Relative to the fairly cheap Gas boilers on the market today, a Heat Pump may seem an expensive option

No, Compared with a Gas boiler, current models can be anything between half as expensive to run, and one sixth, dependent upon various circumstances.

Yes, The incentivisation scheme is call the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), and is designed to pay you back the bulk of the initial installation costs over a 7 year period, althewhile further benefitting you from heating your building at a fraction of the alternative costs.

This depends upon the current heating system within the property. A Heat Battery Tank is required, and if you have a combo boiler, then this may have been removed, and you will need to find a place for this to be sited. Apart from this, the installation is fairly straightforward.