Batteries and Grid Trading

Battery Storage

Battery technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and the industry has reached the position, where Batteries are no longer a cost neutral option, where the benefit is derived entirely from the ability to be largely cut out the unfettered control of Power companies.

There are now 2 options for receiving payment for the power that you generate, but which is exported to the Grid.

The Government have introduced a Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) where the power that you generate which remains unused by yourself, exports to the grid.
You are then recompensed , by being paid a minimum rate for each unit.

There is however a wider ranging more immersive option, known as Grid Servicing.

This is where a company that is Licensed as a 'Grid Aggregator' makes use of your batteries to store and draw power from, whenever they need it, which allows them to do what is known as 'Grid Balancing', and 'Dynamic Containment.'
This is essentially ensuring that the power needs of the nation are provided for, as and when it is needed, and takes every potential input into the National Grid, such as Power Stations, PV, Wind Turbines, Hydro Power, and importantly, the Inter-Connectors between France and Norway into the UK. These inputs are balanced out, controlled, and introduced into the grid, at the locations required, and in the correct amounts, to ensure that Demand is met, at the correct frequency and power.

This is a whole new ball-game, and makes your PV System even more financially productive, than when the Feed-in-Tariff was at its best, most incentivised, and does not affect your FIT

Renewables …. Because Sustainability Doesn’t Require Compromise.​

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Batteries are undoubtedly the most important part of all new systems., and the use of batteries for storing domestic power is at the very early stages, however it is anticipated that this is the Technology that the National Grid will be reliant upon hugely in the very near future.

There are a number of different Battery Chemistries in use, but the latest and most useful version is Lithium Iron Phosphate  (LiFEPo4)

This is currently the most expensive at investment stage, however the longevity,  depth of storage and discharge, and Safety levels, more than make up for the cost.


We are one of the few companies with experience of design and install of Battery storage systems, which have the ability to provide Grid Services.

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Questions About Batteries And Grid Servicing

Storage Capacity is based upon which Make and Model of batteries are being used, and how many can be accomodated

Typical batteries and associated Inverters that we use at the moment, can provide enough continuous power to run the Average household for up to 10 hrs, dependent upon your load.

LiFEPO4 Batteries last for circa 6000-7000 cycles

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