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Service, Repairs & Cleaning

Here at Renewables Matter, we are not only widely experienced in all aspects of design and Installation of Renewable Technologies, but have the innate understanding and expertise to fault find and repair.

We can upgrade your individual installation, to provide the latest  levels of efficiency and output.

We will also be happy to offer you the option of Annual Servicing contracts, and/or emergency call out cover, to suit your individual needs and system requirements.

Renewables …. because Sustainability doesn’t require compromise.

Questions About Service Repairs And Upgrades

In most cases, we can diagnose faults and replace any malfunctioning parts.

Usually it is not a problem to upgrade, as the data provided to the FIT Supplier, doe not in most occasions limit.

The most common upgrade is swapping your big box (String) Inverter for individual panel Inverters, which increases the Yield that each panel will provide