Solar FIT Equity Release

Harnessing the Sun’s energy to power our future

Solar FIT Trade-In

You may now able to trade-in the remaining value of your Feed-In-Tariff,  in exchange for a one off Tax Free payment.

Why may this be interesting  ??

1) You may want to move home or downsize, and can’t transfer the FIT to the new owner, so it may be lost.

2) You are in need of a Lump Sum of cash.

3) You want to take advantage of your FIT having paid off the original investment, and now want that asset to continue benefitting you by paying to add on Batteries or Water Heating technology, with no further outlay of cash.

The process takes around 6 weeks to complete, and when done, you will still own the panels, still benefit from the free power, can still use it, store it, or export it, but you will no longer have a FIT payment.

Your Panels will be monitored remotely, and maintained by the investor company,  ensuring optimal performance and benefit to yourself, with no further ongoing cost, and you only need to agree that they can gain access whenever required to maintain the system.

If you would like to be introduced to the Investor, gain more information, or would like a valuation for your FIT, then please provide the information requested on the Form below. We will get back to you by return.

Harnessing the Sun’s energy to power our future

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Renewables …. Because Sustainability Doesn’t Require Compromise.

Questions About Solar FIT Equity Release

Each PV system is individually assessed taking into account historical generation performance to-date and Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) rate. Once you have provided these basic details about your system we send you a personal valuation.

The Investor will fully maintain your PV system, free of cost to yourself, as it is in their interest to make sure your system is performing to the best of its potential. They will monitor your system’s performance which will alert any technical issues requiring repair. This cover is for the balance of Feed-in-Tariff period.

Yes, the upfront cash lump sum you receive from Solar Equity Release is tax-free and the money will be paid directly into your chosen bank account.

Firstly, the electricity which your PV system produces will remain yours to use, for free.

Secondly, this leaves you free to choose any energy provider that you wish (including the one you have at the moment). This means not only will you benefit from a reduced electricity bill but also you can choose the cheapest tariffs every year.

No, unlike other schemes this is not a lease, nor does it take ownership of your solar PV system, which would require the consent of your mortgage provider.

The process take around 6 weeks, and although it is very straightforward, help is at hand, any time you need it.