Solar PV

Renewables …. Because Sustainability Doesn’t Require Compromise.​

Solar PhotoVoltaics

Electricity is generated within a Solar Panel due to a chemical reaction between the UltraViolet light found within daylight, and the material that makes up the cells of a panel. 

Panels are mounted in such a way that they can be wired together, so that the resultant power can either be consumed within the building, or exported out to the grid infrastructure.

Power can be used directly within a building, or stored in battery systems to allow use at a time when the panels aren’t producing, such as nighttime or times when the weather is particularly unhelpful.

Harnessing the Sun’s energy to power our future

Questions about Solar PV

Panels degrade bu a tiny amount each year, but since the degradation occurs on a reducing balance, the effect is almost negligable, and under normal geographic and climactic situations panels will last upwards of 40 yrs or more

Panels actually protect the roof coverings under them, and have no negative effects.