Who We Are

Our Story

Since 2008, The Principals of ‘Renewables Matter’ have operated from our base in Central Scotland, and have customers all over Scotland, Cumbria & Northumberland.

We have been involved in the fledgling ‘Renewable Energy’ Industry since before the industry exploded due to the introduction of the various Government incentive schemes which  commenced in 2010.

Having seen lots of developments in technology, how they have come about, and the benefits and drawbacks of consistent Government intervention, we are able to establish what is important,  where industry developments are probably leading, and hep you to take advantage.

This means that we are well placed to evaluate your particular needs and requirements, and advise upon all of the issues that affect your projects, and allow us to help you fulfill them.al

Harnessing the Sun’s energy to power our future

What We Offer

Assess your Requirements

We work with you, to ensure that all and any potential issues are taken into account during the design stage, and that you are comfortable that the potential outcome of your project, fulfils your needs, and that future proofing has been designed into the plan.

Work Precisely

From design and pricing, through compliance requirements, to installation and commissioning, we feel it is imperative that precision and exacting standards are the only viable process to follow, to ensure the best outcome.

Deliver Best Quality Results

100% results aren't always possible, but we certainly set out with this being the intention.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

Contact us today, and let us know how we may help you. You'll be delighted you did.